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PostSubject: Introduction   Introduction EmptyMon Sep 21, 2009 1:18 pm

Hi everybody!

Name's Andre, mostly an electric RC airplane pilot (3D) but I do toy around with a couple of land/sea vehicles from time to time.

Bought a used mini slash VXL with the amsoil scheme from a dude on rcuniverse, it should be here next week, thinking it'll be a lot of fun this winter; gonna make a short track out of packed snow in the back yard.

Plan on making a set of studded ice racing tires for the winter as well; we like to go drifting on ice in the winter time, and being Canadian, there is no shortage of hockey rinks to drive on around here in the winter! (because that's what we do here, right? hockey, dogsledding, beer, igloos etc.) lol!

Found this forum by google searching, hope to find some useful bits of info here and there, and who knows maybe i'll even contribute something useful at one point or another.

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