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 Any other crawlers here?

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PostSubject: Any other crawlers here?   Sun Sep 13, 2009 3:47 pm

Just wondering if there were any other crawlers here?? right now is got a duratrax cliff climber but planin on getting a wk artr and droping my 1/10 slash's esc and radio in it then gettin a emaxx servo for it to stay water proff and having it be a mudder/main crawler then converting cliff climber into a mini clod monster Twisted Evil anyway here are sum pics of my cc

(will post more when internet is working >.< )
and more im just to lazy to post up but most the time its runnin my pede's old body that has custom bed cover and sum custom scale stuff in the bed in most the action pics it has the stock body that has a droped bed side mirrors and if i can find sum styrene it'll have a front bumper again (i mocked one up outta construction paper but dident last long lol) but the mods to the truck it self aint that big yet but they get kinda redneck-ed the main mod's are locked out rear steer (used zip ties looped threw the steering knukels then around the bumper and pulled tight) and running droop up front ive tried it all around and on the trails with the rear still sprung it works best and 1 of the batt's is ot glued to the front axle till i can get a real mount for it but right now its mia becuz the front idler gear finally gave out (one of the wires tot he rear motor got cut on a rock so the front was doing all the work) but planing on ordering a new one soon and also going to order duratrax's bearing kit for it after like 6 months theres alot of play in some places with bushings. if u got a crawler post up sum pics.
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Any other crawlers here?
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